Internships with EIC

Internships with EIC

Tyndale University is working with Emmanuel International (EI) Canada to provide an internship through Tyndale’s International Development Program this coming winter which enables students to deepen their understanding of international development by living and working abroad in a developing country.

The internship program provides students with the opportunity for strong personal growth, enriched by interactions with the many generous and wonderful people of their host country. It also offers opportunities for students to develop the skills necessary to live and work in the unfamiliar context of a foreign country. This cross-cultural experience will prepare students for their future career in international development. Also, this experiential learning provides a chance for students to apply theoretical knowledge that they have acquired in their academic courses, to actual situations in the field. The learning which results not only increases the student’s understanding of international development but also enhances his/her academic experience by providing new perspectives. Sarah Syptak a 4th-year student at Tyndale was to travel to Tanzania in February to complete her course, due to COVID restrictions the trip has been cancelled. EI Canada, Tyndale and Sarah are working together to pivot her education to be completed while staying in Canada. She will work with the Canadian office and other EI offices to complete her course Read below of how she came to this decision of International Development.

A message from Sarah:

My name is Sarah Syptak, and I am a student at Tyndale University in my fourth year of the International Development Program. Prior to my studies, I was involved in two short-term mission trips to the Dominican Republic which sparked my interest in development. International development quickly became my passion as I began to learn what exactly it entails. Going into my program I was not sure what international development meant; however, I am so glad I followed the Lord’s call because this is where I see my career.

I am beyond excited to be working with Emmanuel International Canada on an internship in Tanzania. Working on development projects first hand has been something that I have been looking forward to ever since I began my studies. There is much more to learn and understand when theories are put into practice, and you are able to experience as you learn. I hope to learn all that I can about the hands-on work of development while in Tanzania. There is also so much growth that can be had on a cultural level. International development is more than the physical result of a project such as a well or a school. It is also largely about the culture and the community. Being there, on the ground, in Tanzania will allow me to understand this relational side of international development, a very important facet. This internship has the potential to transform my view and practice of development and I am very ready for that.

Dr. Philip Tanner says “It has been my pleasure to be one of Sarah’s professors on her journey towards graduation from Tyndale University’s International Development Program. I am pleased to be coordinating her internship this year and to oversee her career development in Mwanza, Tanzania with Emmanuel International Canada.”

We are excited for Sarah to take this journey with us as she completes her course. Sarah will also be raising funds to help with some of her costs associated with the role.

If you would like more information on Internships, please email Cindy Bates at

In Partnership with Tyndale University and EI Canada

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