International Development Week is here

International Development Week is here
Emmanuel International Canada is happy to be celebrating the nationwide tradition of International Development Week (IDW) from February 6-12, 2022! It is during this week that organizations and individuals acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions our country has made in an effort to relieve poverty in the emerging world. This year’s focus is to #GoForTheGoals This represents the encouragement to continue striving to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) for 2030 put forward by the UN.

Emmanuel International Canada is actively involved in efforts to achieve these goals in many communities around the world. One of the current projects that EIC is involved in is the IMARIKA project in Tanzania which focuses on improving the lives of subsistence farming families through mobilized churches, economic empowerment, and environmental restoration. The project works in tree planting, beekeeping, conservation agriculture, poultry farming, as well as community banking. Through working closely with local farmers in the community, IMARKIA has seen great growth in the ability of individuals and their businesses.

The IMARIKA project is focused on SDG#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. This ongoing project has already been seen to be successful in its effort to bring economic growth for the businesses and individuals involved, and EIC is excited to continue #GoForTheGoals in this project and many others.

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