A golden opportunity?

A golden opportunity?
Their packed suitcases are still waiting … and waiting. Missionaries Mike and Marianne Botting don’t know when they’ll be heading back to their “home” in Pader, Uganda. Like all of us the coronavirus has changed their plans.

“We were definitely disappointed,” Mike admits. It’s challenging to help the team that’s still there. Plus, the couple’s adoption process of 4-year old Elias is taking some detours.

And yet Mike also sees “an opportunity to reflect on where God might be leading us.”

For example, the Bottings now have a chance to grow in fellowship with other missionaries globally. That’s thanks to regular Zoom calls being hosted by EI Canada. Mike also notes that people are searching for meaning and faith online like never before.

For Christians who feel the pull to missions work, the Bottings believe that now is a golden opportunity to do online training courses.

As Mike says, it’s a “huge blessing when God involves us in His Kingdom work.”

Please pray for Mike, Marianne and Elias as they patiently wait to return to Uganda

Written by Janet Macleod Wortel

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