Child Discipleship


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Lagum was recently trained, along with 27 other Sunday School teachers and church leaders from 12 churches to be able to teach the children in their church more effectively. Prior to the training, Stella didn’t know how to tell Bible stories, teach memorization, or how to handle the children. She is now equipped with the skills needed to share Bible stories and memorize Scripture verses in a way which relates to the children.

“I have seen the importance of loving and working with children” Lagum Stella says.

Many other churches are now asking for Lagum Stella to come and train their teachers. We have seen this one training session have a major impact on the 12 churches. Help us reach more churches!

Nurturing Children into Christian Maturity
This ministry was born because we saw an unmet need in the Jesus Film Outreach ministry…hundreds of children were coming to Christ, but our discipleship materials and methods were designed for adults and not for them!

This ministry aims to nurture children into Christian maturity. Using our network of relationships with churches and schools through the Jesus Film Outreach ministry and the Acholi Girls Fairer Future project, we are working to train child discipleship workers.

Since this ministry started in 2018, we have worked to train up child discipleship workers in 21 churches and 5 schools and are currently reaching (as of November 2019) over 2,500 children weekly. Training includes how to choose and tell a Bible story and lead discussions with children, how to choose songs that will build the faith of children, and how to teach children to memorize scripture.

Besides training up the child workers, our team member, Concy, consistently follows up with the child workers to evaluate their progress and help them improve their skills. To help the workers learn from one another, she also organizes inter-church and inter-school exchange visits, where the workers get to see other workers in action and take ideas home to their own churches and schools. And sometimes for fun, groups even get together and face off in Bible memory competitions and vacation Bible fun days!

An exciting thing we have witnessed is that in some cases the child workers are multiplying themselves. In some villages where we have not yet reached, Sunday schools have started up in churches where the Sunday school teachers were trained by someone that we trained! We also have a testimony of one child worker serving in the Sunday school ministry in her church who left all her other roles she had been given because she realized she was spread too thin and that she wanted to immerse herself completely in children’s ministry because it was the Lord’s calling on her life. We thank the Lord for how He cares for His little ones!