Spotlight on project – Primary Health Care

Spotlight on project – Primary Health Care
Project Spotlight: Mindanao Peace Volunteers – Primary Health Care and First Aid Training in the Philippines

In the Philippines, many villages do not know basic health care practices to provide first aid and maintain a healthy well-being. With many of these villages being remote, this knowledge is very important for them to have.

Emmanuel International Philippines (EIPH) has been able to develop a training program that addresses this need, through the knowledge of EIPH staff and previous nurse Ruth Copsey. The Mindanao Peace Volunteers – Primary Health Care and First Aid training provides individuals in a community training to equip them to be village health workers. They learn basic health care practices such as first aid as well as herbal medicine preparation. The program runs for 3-6 months in a village and trainings occur 1-2 times a week. During their graduation, EIPH gives them a simple first aid kit to start them on their journey of helping others in their community. These cost $15-$30 each and with donations from our Christmas catalogue in 2021, we have been able to provide 21 basic health care kits!

Here is an amazing testimony from this ministry:

“I am Juvy Dagcom from the Manobo tribe of Carmen, Cotabato. I was privileged to attend and graduate from Level 1 and Level 2 of Primary Health Care facilitated by
Emmanuel International with Kuya (brother) Ken and Ate (sister) Ruth. I am very
grateful for all the knowledge and skill I have learned through these classes. I was able to do first aid for burns and treat minor wounds applying the ‘butterfly’ bandage. But what I am most thankful for was learning how to take blood pressure as a lot from our tribe need to have their BP monitored. Thankful to the Lord for bringing people who love God and His people to our tribe. We will not forget what we have learned.”

Praise God for the work he is doing in the lives of the people in the Philippines through the hands of Emmanuel International Philippines!

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