Spotlight on project – Jesus Film Uganda

Spotlight on project – Jesus Film Uganda
In 2014, Faith Mission church carried out three different evangelistic missions in its surrounding communities over a period of a month. From these, it was recorded that over 700 people gave their life to Christ! This was amazing, however, the church leaders in these communities did not know how to follow up with these new believers. When Faith Mission returned to the communities in which they had evangelised to, very few of those new followers remained.

To fill this need, EIUG was asked if they could help train local church leaders in how to follow-up with new believers, which is done in concert with showing the Jesus Film, a movie of Jesus’s life. However, they were not interested in “hit and run evangelism”. They did not want to just show the movie, do an alter call, leave, and never come back which was the common form of ministry the Jesus Film typically involved. Instead, EIUG proposed a different idea, which is the method they use today.

The Jesus Film Ministry exists to build up church leaders to enable them to support their congregation and new believers. Each year, 15-20 churches are identified and are taken through the program. Two church leaders from each congregation are brought to the training centre and trained for three days in how to share the gospel, following up with new believers, leading oral bible study, and more. They are then sent back to their churches where they train a team of 12. Then, once this support is in place EIUG goes to these churches to share the Jesus film. There are then 14 people within each church who are equipped to disciple any new and current believers. This method is much more thorough and ensures proper discipleship support for new comers to Christ.

Through this program, Emmanuel International Uganda is doing amazing work in preparing churches for evangelism and discipleship. Continue to pray for them in this ministry.

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