How one email changed many lives!

How one email changed many lives!
The Mailbox Club in the Philippines is run by Anita and Paul Bertrand. They have seen many successes through their continued dedication in seeing children and youth draw closer to God and ultimately become followers of Christ.

The Mailbox Club’s mission is to win children and youth to Christ and nurture them to spiritual maturity through age-appropriate Bible courses. In one instance we see how this changed a family and their friends to know the love of our Saviour.

Anna an old acquaintance of Anita and Paul’s contacted them asking if they had any Vietnamese Christian literature that she could pass along to her daughter-in-law in Vietnam who was saved just a few months earlier. The Explorer Club lessons in both Vietnamese and English were passed along to Anna and her daughter-in-law Kim. Kim was desiring Christian material to dig into.

Kim not only took and read the Explorers Club lessons for herself but shared with her family and friends and many of her own family have come to know the Lord. Some of her cousins, her sister’s, her own mom, and friends all know and the truths about Jesus some accepting the Lord.

Kim’s family are seeking the Lord all because of her mother-in-law contacted Anita and Paul for literature that Anna thought would only benefit Kim. As Matthew 28:19 says “Go and make disciples of all nations” Kim has done this not out of requirement but of a passion for God. May we all have Kim’s passion to see our loved ones with us in heaven.

We are praising God for this and all that He does. Thank you, Anita and Paul for your dedication to see many come to know the Lord.

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