A Legacy of a faithful one

A Legacy of a faithful one
After 35 years of faithful service to Emmanuel International we would like to reflect on Edna Santos’ time with us as she prepares to retire March 31, 2021. She is a faithful servant of God.

Edna first stepped foot in the Emmanuel International offices in 1986 after learning about EI through her Church, The First Filipino Baptist Church. Her intention was to attend Training School for the fall term and head to the Philippines to help at a Youth Centre her church was involved with. God works in His own timing and ways as Edna never had the opportunity to attend Training school or even head to the Philippines as she intended, however God’s plan has kept her serving Him for 35 years.

Enjoy our conversation with Edna as she tells us how her story began with EI in 1986.

What made you decide to join EI?

I was attending The First Filipino Baptist Church who supported a Youth Centre in the Philippines. I came to EI to attend their training school with the plan to travel to the Philippines to help the Youth Centre. After finishing my job and prior to training school, Alex Pacis (EI and EIC Finance Director) invited me to volunteer and assist with the Sudan Field Accounting. By the time training school started 2 months later I was busy helping EI become computerized and was asked to delay my training for 1 term as it was a busy time. Two years later in 1988 I was still at EI and was appointed the Finance Director for EI and EIC. I never did get the chance to attend Training School but did have the opportunity to attend different seminars that were very helpful.

What are some of the roles you have had with EI?

My roles included Finance Director from 1988-2000 including the opportunity to travel to Malawi to help computerize their system. February 2001 through 2005 I was appointed East Africa Finance Adviser residing in Tanzania as well as Administrative Assistant to Anne LaPage (EIUK Tanzania Rep at the time). I was also able to travel to our other countries (Malawi, Uganda, and Sudan) when needed. I finally made it to the Philippines in 2010 taking on the role as Luzon Coordinator for EI Philippines.

Who is taking over your role?

Antonio and Nona Caballeros, a Filipino couple will be stepping into the role as Luzon Coordinators. They have been connected with EI Philippines Board since 2010.

What is a highlight or fond memory from your time with EI?

I was asked to join Anne when a water project was approved in 2001. This project included 25-35 distribution points, a water trough, and a Water Reservoir. At the completion of this project this brought peace in the community and the Massai Tribe as their animals no longer trampled through the gardens to reach the water.

One other thing that I can’t forget is how Anne and I converted the Landcruiser into a bedroom at night. We would park in front of the homes we were visiting on our tours, which always created unique and enjoyable conversations.

Are you planning a trip to Canada once the pandemic is over?

Yes, I would like to visit my supporters to thank them and connect with them for all their faithful support over the years.

What is in store for you next?

I plan to continue with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) as I find I am truly getting a lot of answers from the Lord through the studies. I am also an elder at Northview Christian Fellowship and will continue to help disciple youth.

What would you say to someone who is looking at becoming a missionary?

I would say go whether you only want a one-year stint or be a career missionary. When the Lord calls you, HE will equip you always. Only the called can survive the mission field I believe.

Edna we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for these past 35 years! Your dedication and helping spirit have always been evident in all you have done. May God bless you on your next phase in life as you step into retirement.

Thank you for your support of the work Edna has been a part of over the years. To assist Edna in transitioning into retirement, EIC will continue to support her and accept donations until September 30th, 2021.

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