God at Work Through Covid-19 Response in Brazil

God at Work Through Covid-19 Response in Brazil

During Covid-19, the communities that Emmanuel International Brazil (EIBZ) serves began to have greater needs and required support from the organization. Many individuals held informal jobs, and when Covid-19 hit, they were left unemployed. This made it very difficult for families to pay for everyday essentials. Partner churches reached out to EIBZ asking for help in this area, and they were eager to respond.

Through their partnership with Montes Claros Church, EIBZ began with 200 bags of food which was split into 15,000 baskets to intended to benefit 200 families in the area of Montes Claros. Like the bible story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, the LORD was able to stretch the food available to feed hundreds of people. They were soon also helping 7 communities in the north of Minas Gerais State and two indigenous communities, now benefiting 800 families. The most common reaction from these families was “Praise the LORD”.

God used these baskets for even greater blessing beyond what was intended. One food basket was delivered to Louislane´s home, the mother of Pablo and Yasmim, two children with handicaps that prevent them from being able to walk since they were born. When EIBZ arrived at the family’s house to provide them with a basket of food, they noticed that the boys did not have wheelchairs.

This need weighed heavy on the team, and they felt God calling them to address it. After working with doctors, EIBZ was able to provide each of the boys with wheelchairs. In addition, EIBZ retrofitted their home to make it fully accessible for the boys in their new wheelchairs.

It is amazing to see what God could do through one basket of food and the blessing that this could produce. We praise the Lord for His blessings and the work He is doing in Brazil!

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