Emmanuel International is Involved in Pastor Training!

Emmanuel International is Involved in Pastor Training!

For the church to be strong and thriving in its mission, it must have a strong pastor. Which is why many of Emmanuel International locations around the world have developed projects to address the challenges that pastors face and strengthen their mission capacity.

Emmanuel International Uganda has been partnering with an organization called Frontier Mission Team (FMT) in their Uganda Missions Mobilization project. They have recently expanded this project which involves the building of infrastructure which will provide space to host, and train lay pastors, as they do not currently have sufficient space to house and teach them. Increasing the capacity of FMT to host pastors in the Pastoral Training Program, FMT will have the missionary and pastoral manpower to plant more churches and make them self-sustaining and self-replicating.

EI Tanzania in Mwanza has projects in approximately 30 different churches and communities and majority of pastors are struggling to financially support their families. This poses a great threat to the witness of the church in the community. To address this need, Emmanuel International Tanzania has built a building (photo below in progress) to train local pastors on entrepreneurship, agriculture, livestock, and income-generating projects. This education will propel them into generating income to keep them financially steady, but also expand Emmanuel International’s vision of holistic mission.

Finally, in Malawi, the Leadership Training Program was started because the pastors in the area had very little training in the bible, or in some cases, none at all having come from a primarily Muslim background. The Leadership Training Program involves a two or three-year course for pastors as well as other eager church elders to become more knowledgeable about the bible and its teachings. The program allows the participants to grow a foundation for their faith which is rooted in the truth of the bible.

Emmanuel International’s primary mission is partnering with churches to serve their communities and ensuring the strength of pastors is a key aspect of this ministry. These three countries have done a great job recognizing these needs and providing much needed support. Continue to pray for pastors in these countries as they overcome challenges and become more deeply rooted in God’s word.

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