2023 Internship with EIC

2023 Internship with EIC

This coming April we are excited to have two interns join us from Tyndale University who will be working towards completing their studies in International Development. They are both in their fourth year and preparing to graduate. Each will have a very unique experience: Brittany, will be traveling to Tanzania and living with our team in Mwanza; while Cristal, will be joining us at our Stouffville office. We are thrilled to see where God leads them after their time with us.

NOTE: *Since this original posting Cristal has accepted another opportunity. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 

Please meet Brittany below as she introduces herself and what future plans, she has.

Brittany Ratelband (Tanzanian Posting)

As Brittany will be travelling to Tanzania you can help support her trip by donating today. 

  I am in my fourth year of International Development studies at Tyndale University, while also minoring in Biblical Studies and Theology. I am beyond excited to live and learn alongside Emmanuel International’s Tanzanian team and learn from the amazing work they’re accomplishing to partner with local churches to serve their communities!

Since a young girl, I have felt the call of God upon my life to engage in the practicality of the mission of Jesus to love my neighbours, both locally and globally. I have served in short-term missions to both Nicaragua and Moldova and have also been involved in a variety of local outreach within the Canadian church. I am eager and excited to spend a longer period of time immersed in cross-cultural work and apply the concepts and theories I have been studying for the past four years. As I have learned about the work of God through organizations like Emmanuel International, I am humbled at the opportunity to learn alongside their team. This internship has the ability to shape my worldview and broader understanding of the work of God beyond my own cultural context, and though I am sure it will be both challenging and rewarding, I am expectant for all that the Lord is going to do within my life, heart, and mind while in Tanzania.

I would be overjoyed if you could join me in praying that the Lord would prepare me to carry the treasure of Christ well, in my mere jar of clay, showing “that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us” (2 Corinthians 4:7).


Cristal Garcia-Alonso (Canadian posting)

*Since this original posting Cristal has accepted another opportunity. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 

    I am a student from Tyndale University who will be joining the team of Emmanuel International Canada in Stouffville. I come from a family of six kids and am first generation Canadian. My parents moved from Argentina to Canada in the early 1990’s and have dealt with the challenges of immigration. It is a privilege to be studying and am honoured that I get to be completing my fourth and final year at Tyndale University as I am excited for all that is to come afterwards.

I am currently pursuing a degree in International Development and Business Administration, with the hope to one day be able to pursue a career that either ties law and development together or a suitable role in sustainable development. I am passionate about learning sustainable practices that help us environmentally but also socially as a collective. I also enjoy learning about agricultural practices, health concerns and the challenges that women and children face in the developing world.

During my studies at Tyndale, I took a break to do missions work for two years where I was a missionary in Asia and Western Europe for a couple months. In that time, I realized how big our world is and the need to stand with one another in times of need. I was deeply impacted by the resourcefulness and hospitality of those in Asia, and the deep longing for acceptance and family in Europe. Showing me how big God is to meet them where they are. Through these experiences I developed the eagerness to want to build a life where I get the opportunity to stand with those in need, no matter what the need may be. I truly believe we are all made in the image of God, and as a child of God I take it as a great privilege and honour to mediate for those who may not be able to do so on their own.

I enjoy painting, reading and exercise in my spare time, but also love quality time with friends and family. I love trying new food and visiting new places as it brings me joy to see all that this world has to offer. But most of all, I love sharing meals with people, it unifies and brings a sense of belonging that I believe we all seek.

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