Becoming a Career Missionary


First Steps

Choosing to follow the path of a long-term missionary is an important decision. We would count it a privilege to walk with you as we seek and look to God for direction. Our confidence is in His capacity to lead you and get you to where you need to be.

Consider the following steps and requirements when applying to become a Career Missionary with EIM.

Please note that you must be a US resident to become a Career Missionary with our United States office.

  1. Fill out and submit the Preliminary Questionnaire along with a copy of your resume our office.
  2. A member of the EIM Board of Directors will schedule an initial telephone interview to discuss your calling and potential fit with Emmanuel International mission needs.
  3. Following this initial interview, the EIM Board will prayerfully consider placing you into the EIM Missionary Candidate certification process.
Download a Preliminary Questionnaire

EIM Missionary Candidates

Congratulations! After prayerful consideration, you and the EIM Board of Directors have agreed to enter into the formal candidacy process! Here’s what to expect when moving forward:

  1. The candidate will fill out an expanded questionnaire. This includes a letter of recommendation from the pastor of their home church and a minimum of 3 personal references.
  2. Personal references will be contacted for written evaluation of the candidate and may also be called for a telephone interview.
  3. A personal meeting with at least one member of the EIM Board will be scheduled, and additional phone interviews with other board members may be conducted as needed.

The Board will evaluate all information about the candidate and will decide if formal certification of candidacy is appropriate. Certified EIM Missionary Candidates are referred to Emmanuel International Headquarters for training. The US board may recommend specific field placement for a candidate, but final placement is the responsibility of Emmanuel International.