This Sunday, help Canadians celebrate Father’s Day with charitable gift

This Sunday, help Canadians celebrate Father’s Day with charitable gift
Honour your dad by providing a Goat for Widows
In EIC Malawi, we are providing goats to the women in our Widows Welfare Program. We have been working with our partner church (the EBCM) in 300 rural congregations for over 10 years to support this program. The Widows Welfare Program serves women within the community, both members and non-members of the churches. Through weekly meetings, the women support each other through Bible studies, and companionship.

Each member is also given a female goat. Through breeding, milk and meat production, these goats are very beneficial to the women in our program! When the first female goat is born from breeding, it is passed on to another widow within the community who hasn’t yet received a goat. In essence, one goat is a gift that keeps giving!

Widows Welfare Group leaders are trained in group leadership, bible studies and running small businesses. On top of this, they receive 3 days of training on proper care of goats, so the women can maintain the cycle!
This program has provided numerous goats to over 120 Widows Welfare Groups throughout Malawi.

A simple one-time donation can start a cycle that keeps on giving to hundreds of women in Malawi! Will you consider this generous donation? @

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