Malawi faces worsening food shortage

Malawi faces worsening food shortage
Executive Director of Emmanuel International Canada stated, “Malawi is struggling with food shortages, rising prices are causing increasing hunger."

Malawi has experienced a long drought and other effects of El Nino. Malawi has been struggling to cope with drought and the first maize deficit in a decade; along with a stagnant economy, the need is great.

Emmanuel International is feeding just over 250,000 people distributing over 40 million pounds of food (corn, beans and oil) in partnership with the World Food Program.

Torrential rains in January forced Malawi to declare half the country a disaster zone as floods destroyed crops, killed more than 100 people and displaced 340,000, leading to a 28 percent fall in the staple maize crop this year.

There is another four months of food insecurity, when young children are at increased risk of disease or even death, prospects for the rainy season are uncertain because of the current El Nino, which is expected to cause wetter than average conditions in the north and drier than average conditions in the south.

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