Health Centres in Malawi have PROMISE for a better future

Health Centres in Malawi have PROMISE for a better future
Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) has been devoted to providing training for six health centres in Malawi through the PROmoting Maternal, newborn, Infant and child Sustainable health Efforts (PROMISE) project, with the financial support of the Canadian Government through Global Affairs Canada. These trainings have helped improve the conditions of the six health centres Promise are working with: Bimbi, Domasi, H. Parker, Namasalima, Machinjiri, and St. Luke’ in the Zomba District of Malawi.

Workers at the Health Centres were given training by trained Government staff through the PROMISE project. After their initial training, refresher training was also provided for a total of 14 data clerks from the six identified Health Centres. This training included analysing data, finding trends, analysing gender sensitive data and plotting graphs. The training helped these centres to improve their reporting accuracy.

A group of Health Workers during a Training posing with Kristy Nowell - Promise Project Coordinator during her visit from Canada

From the six Health Centres, 30 female ward attendants and maids were trained in infection prevention (IP), which is a safe and sanitary delivery. The goal of this training is to prevent a mother or newborn from contracting an infection from unsanitary materials being used during the delivery. IP training was mainly focused on unskilled workers.

14 Health Workers from Bimbi, Namasalima, H. Parker, St. Lukes, and Domasi were trained on Integrated Maternal and Neonatal health care in order to increase the number of skilled birth attendants. The training included Basic Emergency Maternal Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BeMONC) and Comprehensive Emergency Maternal Obstetric & Neonatal Care (CeMONC).

The centres received 720 birthing kits from PROMISE. The kits included one meter plastic sheeting, one anti-bacterial soap, one face cloth, one diaper, one pair of disposable gloves, two cord clamps, one straight razor, one packet of reusable sanitary pads and one 21-liter basin. These essential birthing kits were distributed to women attending Focused Antenatal Care (ANC) from the first trimester to enhance early ANC attendance by women. The goal is to encourage women coming to ANC as early as possible and attend at least 4 times.

A Traditional Birthing Room

ANC is personalised care for pregnant women focusing on their overall health, preparing them for childbirth and for any complication they may experience in their pregnancy.

POMISE is also helping to provide bicycle ambulance for the six centres, so they can transport patients from remote or rural village

One of the 13 Bicycle Ambulances Provided to a health facility.

The PROMISE project is helping to prevent the spread of disease in villages and centres by building latrines and handwashing stations. These simple structures are already reducing the spread of disease such as Cholera. Placenta pits and incinerators are also being built for Health Centres.

EIC's PROMISE project is helping Health Centres provide a better service to Malawians and is helping villagers stay healthy, especially mothers, newborns and children.


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