Have you ever asked this question?

Have you ever asked this question?

Can one person make a difference in today’s world?

It’s a big world. And its problems are usually complex.

Let me tell you a story. It seems fitting during International Development Week (IDW), February 2 to 8, to share the powerful results of one person’s efforts.

Prince Mangani, is a Nurse Midwife Technician in Malawi. Wanting to develop his skills, Mangani studied his way through a 3-week course in emergency obstetrics. It was an opportunity available to him thanks to funding from Global Affairs Canada and their PROMISE program for healthier moms and babies. EI Canada worked with EI Malawi staff to organize the local instructors and venue.

Prince Mangani Nurse Midwife Technician - Malawi

Very soon after the course Mangani needed these skills at his village Health Centre for an alarming breech birth causing both mother and baby to be in distress. Mangani, using his skills was able to deliver the baby and revive it. Both baby and mom recovered well. Mangani made a world of difference for that mom and her child, and likely many more to follow.

Like a growing mustard seed, faithful efforts can yield tremendous results. 45 students completed Mangani’s course!

“We love hearing stories like this,” says Kristy Nowell, Project Coordinator with EI Canada. “It inspires us to do even more.”

Visit the IDW website today to join in International Development Week celebrations.

This Project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

Written by Janet McLeod Wortel

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