Graduating Students of Terena Bible School Reflect

Graduating Students of Terena Bible School Reflect

For a number of years Emmanuel International has supported the Terena Bible School in Brazil an indigenous organization led by the Terena Indigenous Church. Support has allowed for project partnership and increased relationship. The goal of church partnerships is to work side by side and respond when they ask and share with us their needs. Supporting projects with sustainability is key in all Emmanuel International projects to provide the churches and communities we work with to flourish in all aspects.

In December 2020 even during a pandemic, a graduation took place. Two young ladies from Zavante and Kaxinawwá ethnic group were amount the graduates. Over the past 2 years the Bible School Leadership are proud of their growth. Not only have they learned more about the Bible, but they have learned about leadership and roles and plan to take the learnings back to their villages. Meet these two young girls below.

Lucieni Roomri why she choose to attend Bible college.

“My name is Lucieni Roomri Xavante and I am from Estrela Watsi Wawê village, Mato Grosso State, Brazil. I learned about Jesus Christ when I was about 6 years old. Missionaries came to my village and I participated in the services. We drew, sang and listened to biblical stories. I finished High School, got my first job, but never thought about attending a Bible School. Then I went to visit my cousin in the Terena Bible School area. I went to a Terena Church youth camp and saw so many young people involved with the Word of God, people full of joy and felt that was what I wanted for me: to someday be able to help young people. On March 3rd, 2018, I visited the Terena Bible School and decided to study there. I am grateful to God because he has brought me here. I’m very happy with the opportunity to study Theology. My family helped me attend the Terena Bible School. After my graduation I want to return to my village and continue to work in my home church. I will teach them about Jesus Christ. I feel I need to help my church because there isn’t anybody to help them. Please pray for me.”

Marquizânia Domingos also shares about her time, when she became a Christian and her hope for the future

“My name is Marquizânia Domingos Kaxinawá and I live in Fronteira indigenous village, Acre State, Brazil. I was in Elementary School when a friendinvited me to attend a church service. The pastor preached about the prodigal son and, at the end of the message, he asked: ´who is away from the father’s home and would like to come home?´ That moment Jesus met me, I raised my hand, the pastor prayed with me. At the beginning it was difficult for me to attend church because my family opposed to the idea. I’ve learned about the Word of God and also learned how to play guitar. My dream is to return to my village and start a guitar course for the youth. It’s part of our culture to gather some people together to play instruments and sing. There is a special room for that in my village. It’d be great to have Bibles to distribute to the youth, and have some guitars, notebooks and pencils to write down the songs and the chords. I thank God for the opportunity to attend a Bible School and I want to honor him with what He has given me. Please pray for me.”

What a great testament to the work of the Bible School to train up and send forth

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