Emmanuel International Canada celebrates Canada's 150

Emmanuel International Canada celebrates Canada's 150
Manning the booth on Saturday.

Emmanuel International Canada patriotically took part in our own nation’s grand celebration of its 150th birthday last Saturday, July 1. Stouffville’s own Strawberry Festival, which hosts over 30,000 visitors each year, proved to be a great opportunity for EIC to present the work our Mission is doing.

Those who were manning our booth can agree that the day was a great success. From children to adults, our booth attracted a fair share of curious eyes. Our interactive treadle water-pump from Malawi was a favourite among the kids, while a prize draw for a photo by the renowned photographer Terry Ratcliff seemed to interest many others. Moreover, the great history of our property tied neatly into the theme of Canada’s history, which led to many fulfilling conversations.

The photo used in the draw was donated as a tribute to our location’s claim to fame. In the late 1980’s this property – mainly the bridge – was used in the filming of the well-known Anne of Green Gables movies. The photo by Terry Ratcliff is of the famous bridge, which is located just behind our building.

Anne's Bridge photograph by Terry Ratcliff

While Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation, EIC had a bit of history to celebrate as well. It’s hard to imagine what our property must have looked like in the very beginning, but we are proud that it’s been wholesomely used since its purchase in 1846. From a timeless lumber mill, an impactful youth center and famous radio broadcast, a long line of successful and transformational organizations has occupied this property. Emmanuel International is proud to emerge from such inspiration, and we were thankful for the opportunity to share it with others in our own nation-wide Canada day celebrations.

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