Happy Easter!
“Fake News” or Great News?

It depends on who you listen to. The New Testament clearly proclaims that Easter is “Great News” for all of us. In the telling of this Great News, the biblical writers were not wishy-washy in their minds or hearts about the significance of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday for people like you and me.

This Easter we at EI Canada also celebrate more Great News about our Discipleship Campaign for Pader, Uganda. Over the last four years, our Emmanuel team in Pader has noticed a growing hunger in the churches for discipleship. Churches have been good at presenting the gospel but have found it challenging to disciple new believers. The intent of the School Discipleship Ministry is to work with Churches and Spiritual Clubs in Schools to strengthen evangelism and discipleship among students, teachers and the community. The Great News is that $20 will disciple one child for a year. For a complete report on the discipleship program in Northern Uganda please visit our website:

During your celebrations this Easter, whether together with family and friends or enjoying the antics of young children at an Easter egg hunt, may this Easter not merely be a religious holiday or a day off work. Rather, may this Easter be Great News for all of us that God our Father was up to something GREAT, accomplishing what He intended all along through the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) Now that’s Great News.

Happy and blessed Easter to each of you!

Richard McGowan Executive Director
Emmanuel International Canada

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