A Report of Thanks from Malawi

A Report of Thanks from Malawi

A Story of Emma from Beneficiary to Benefactor

The 2019 Cyclone Idai Flood brought devastating impact in Zomba District, Malawi.  Traditional Authority Mwambo area was not spared from the destructive floods.  Crops, stored food, houses, farms, and livestock were destroyed by the floods. Emma John, 36 years old single mother, from Kathebwe village was one of the 4300 households who lost everything and was residing in the classroom which was turned into a camp.

During the 2019 Cyclone Idai Flood response,
Emmanuel International Malawi identified Emma as one of the project beneficiaries. During the distribution exercise, Emma received utensils (cups, plates, spoons) and 5 bundles of sweet potato vines. After receiving the relief items, Emma left the camp for her village where she planted the sweet potato vines. Emma worked very hard in her garden, so much that it was one of the best sweet potato gardens in her village. Through her flourishing garden, Emma multiplied the sweet potato vines and transplanted it into her large garden. Emma managed to harvest 5 bags (weighing 20kgs each) of sweet potato for food and sold 80kgs surplus to the local market from where she generated over $90CDN. Through the generated funds, Emma was able to buy maize and other food necessities for the next six months. Currently, Emma has taken initiative of distributing sweet potato vines for free to other households who were affected by floods. In her words Emma is quoted “Thank you Emmanuel International for the support during my time of need, through your support I have now turned from being a beneficiary to become a benefactor”

Emma’s story is just one that shows when we help one, we have the potential to help many. Thank you for all who supported.

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